Junior members pay a lower fee, but enjoy all the privileges of full membership.  Junior membership is available till age 18.

Junior members also have a section in 'Swop Box' just for them.  In this section there are competitions and articles targeted at new and younger collectors.

While Juniors may not have many badges to swap, they should be able to pick up a few badges at a local Club meetings.
We also expect our more Senior collectors to recognize Junior members and be particularly understanding and fair in trading with them.
It is understandable that a new collector will have little idea of the value of badges and could easily make a trade where they were disadvantaged.
This is all part of the learning process and we recommend that any collector not sure of the value of any particularly “Older” badges seek advice from a Senior Club member.

Collecting Tips available on this site.

When we get closer to Jamboree, we look to our Junior members for ideas on what badge activity the Scouts might enjoy at the Club Base.
This club presence at Jamboree is a great way for the club to interact with our Scouting youth and we see an increase in Junior members after each Jamboree.
The swapping bug is very, very strong at this event.

Level one of the Collectors Award is targeted at Junior members

Please direct any questions about Juniors to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.