Registration & Club Membership

Anyone can register on this site and registration will give you access to some additional content like Jamboree badge Catalogues.

This is a taste of things "Paid Membership" offers.

Paid Members can see all content and:

  • View additional catalogues (Based on membership level)
  • Buy badges
  • Participate in Badge Auctions
  • Create Auctions
  • Submit badges and badge info for inclusion in Catalogues
  • See other member info (Unless restricted)
  • Message other members

Collector's Award

The Collector's Award is available for all Club Members. This award has two levels: firstly targeting junior/new members, and secondly an added level aimed mainly at experienced members. The badge for Level One has a silver binding, while Level Two has a gold binding. Any member of the NZ Club is able to gain both levels of this award.

The criteria for Level One of the Collector’s Award are:

  1. Mount your badge collection in a systematic and tidy way.
  2. Explain how the Varieties Catalogue system works to either your Scout Leader or an experienced/adult member of the Badgers Club.
  3. Briefly explain the meaning of your Zone’s badge design.
  4. Place an advert in the Club magazine, Club Facebook page, or this website, which results in a trade; or respond to another Club member’s advert. List details of your swap.
  5. Attend a Club Meeting near your home or correspond with three other people about badges.

The criteria for Level Two of the Collector’s Award are:

  1. Have been awarded Level One.
  2. Contribute an article to the ‘Swop Box’ magazine.
  3. Find out about the history of Scouting in your Zone.
  4. Carry out at least one swap with a junior member of the club.

Once you have completed the above requirements for the Collector’s Award(s), contact the Club President with the details, and the embroidered Award badge(s) will be sent to you.


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